physical music
pHYSiCAL mUSiC is now going on a new turn. 
Since last time mainly the TimeFreezer was published and did get a huge success. 
Now a variety of fully new written original prlugins will be presented here.
The programation is new. Still using the combination of physics, mathematics and informatics, the software will still follow the original idea: 
music software written by musicians. 
As a musician, I know what is needed. And if it does not exist and I can code it, I'll do it for the actual plattforms: 
VST, Audio Units,AAX for PC, Mac and iOS.
The TimeFreezer software was first released in 2005. Endless freeze of any kind of sounds with no artefacts and a variety of play modes. World wide accepted, commented and beloved.

Thought as a real link betweet physics and music. The periodic table of elements to be heard as a transposition of the emited light. First presented at the Science Festival in Sofia by the British Council in 2018.

Panning with only a pan-pot was a technically easy to realise solution for sound engeneering since the late 60s. But it has nothing to do with how we hear in space. Here you find a 3-dimensional way of positionning sound in the field with many room situations and no reverb.
This is an intelligent LAN-Wave-Player that listens to the network, plays like a sampler and places the sounds in a field of up to 24 speakers.

A noise modulated synthesizer. The effect was so extremly astonishing that the experssion was "Holy Cow"! First planned as monophnic multichannel now a MPE-Version is in developement.
First intended to simulate a Geiger-Müller-Counter, it turned up to be a funny little synthesizer that reproduces the rythm of radioactive decay. Completely harmless!

iDelay / Intelligent Delay
This is a virtual compagnion who listens to what you are playing with any acoustic instrument, cuts you recorded material an replays variations. A beta-version has already been used in a live played composition.
This composing tool is running actually in a non public state.

Make (multitimbral) MIDI-Recording and transform the elements to new compositions.

It will be available for everybody using the capacity of VST3 to send MIDI out.
GrooveModulator / Curver
This was one of the first products in 2002. Transforming waves of any type to generate musical sequences. For a composer this is a perfect tool for generating melodies and patterns.

Later as a part of GrooveModulator this was tool generating and interpretating any kind of waves to control any MIDI-process. A plugin-version with direct audio is in the pipeline.
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