physical music
physical music


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Listen to the atoms. Using precise scientific measures of the light spectra, this unique synthesizer transposes the color of the atoms in the audible area.
- all atoms from 1-99 (hydrogene to einsteinium) can be played in different ways simlutaneously
- MIDI control and automation  
- plains continuous sounds (as if there were many atoms) or random generated (as quantum mechanic events from few) 
   -> dive into a new space 
   -> stereo spread and modulation 
   -> get informations about the true real atoms while playing  
- the sounds are about 40 octaves lower than the light frequencies
- a pitch-bend is possible 
- all can be included in most DAWs 
- complex sounds processed in real time  
You will get a new feeling for the atomic groups. Some sounds are really surprising, from peaceful to aggressive.

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